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The Enslaved Africans Rain Garden is the vision of Yonkers Artist Vinnie Bagwellʼs. It is focused on remembering the lives, the feelings, and the legacy of men, women, and children who were stripped of their human rights and were among the first to be manumitted/freed by law 64 years before the Emancipation Proclamation. Her candid images of daily life, rendered in the vernacular of bronze sculpture, are a testament to the resounding triumph of the human spirit.

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Artist Vinnie Bagwell at work

About the Artist

Vinnie Bagwell has always been an agent for social, educational, and economic growth in her community via the arts. She is a powerful storyteller for the African diaspora who incorporates the story in a finely-tuned, visual portrayal of historical events. Read More »

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Public forums, exhibitions, artist talks, and social media enable viewers to learn about local history and the process of creating art for public places.
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Enslaved Africans Rain Garden

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