Goals & Objectives

The Project Hopes to:

  • Address the issue that, presently, there are no memorials or monuments acknowledging the victims of the system of the racially-based slave trade in Yonkers or Westchester County
  • Provide the Yonkers community, as well as the County of Westchester, with a testament to its commitment to cross-cultural exposure by creating a public artwork that acknowledges the dignity of enslaved Africans and restores their humanity.
  • Employ the arts as an innovative method of education to develop, implement, and support arts-integrated education and employment options for multi-cultural youth
  • Expose students to an artistic medium not offered in the public school curriculum
  • Allow students to exercise their creative skills and employ what they’ve already learned in school: photography, video, creative writing, etc., to create a documentary as a learning tool for their peers and the community-at-large
  • Design a meditative rain garden, which will be a self-sustaining ecosystem
  • Add to the enhancement of the downtown Yonkers environment with public art
  • Encourage corporate and private funding streams, community-based organizations, and municipal/community leaders to strengthen the creative economy by supporting local arts programming, artists, and art businesses.
  • Increase Yonkers’ overall number of cultural visitors, audiences, and lengths of stay


Enslaved Africans Rain Garden

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