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Liberian name pronounced “I-Sat-tie”  
The first enslaved people in New Amsterdam were a diverse ethnic mixture of Africans from the Kongo, Guinea Coast, Brazil, the West Indies, and Spanish Colonies, and later, from Madagascar on the east coast of Africa. Kongolese captives were held in high regard by European slave traders and buyers… Read More

Themba the Boatman
“Themba the Boatman” is a short film Vinnie Bagwell created to humanize enslaved Africans. It opens to the sound of West African drumming by Leonard Epps. Spoken-word Artist, Ty Gray-EL, brings the spirit of “Themba the Boatman” to life. Photographer Leslie Jean-Barts abstract images of human reflections captured in water at the beach moves the story… Read More

Bibi is Swahili for “Grandmother,” she represents the elder group of enslaved Africans.   Originally referred to as “Big Ma”, she was renamed to reflect the languages of the places that the enslaved people came from.  She is depicted as a gardener, captured in a moment of prayer as she rests for a moment to look skyward. 
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Yoruba, pronounced “Sho-lah.”In the Yoruba culture, children have purposely bestowed names with intention at birth, and I was delighted to find that they are not gender-specific.  The majority of the people that were enslaved were young.  Imagining how they may have felt–having been separated from their families and their home… Read More


Pronounced “O-lu-me-day” Yoruba, means “God has arrived. ” “Olumide” was a friend of Sola. In my mind, the children are not siblings but companions, living the same experience. The boy was created first.  The boy was created first. I envisioned him one way, and he came out with his own features. By this time… Read More


Enslaved Africans Rain Garden

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