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Project Overview
Artist Vinnie Bagwellʼs vision for the Enslaved Africansʼ Rain Garden is focused on remembering the lives, the feelings, and the legacy of the men, women, and children who were stripped of their human rights. Her candid images of daily life, rendered in the vernacular of bronze sculpture, are a testament to the resounding triumph of the human spirit. Working with community members, our mission is to fully honor, dignify and restore the humanity of enslaved Africans in America by transforming them from objects to subjects via art in a public place in Yonkers, New York.

Vinnie Bagwell Interview
Yonkers Voice spent some time with a National/Local artist, Vinnie Bagwell. Vinnie is a sculptor, painter, writer and storyteller. We met Vinnie at an exposé at the Yonkers Public Library a short time ago and she invited Yonkers Voice into her studio to learn about her process from beginning to end. She is simply put: AMAZING! Please watch the video and learn from the very talented Vinnie Bagwell.

Themba the Boatman
“Themba the Boatman” is a short film Vinnie Bagwell created to humanize enslaved Africans. It opens to the sound of West African drumming by Leonard Epps. Spoken-word Artist, Ty Gray-EL, brings the spirit of “Themba the Boatman” to life. Photographer Leslie Jean-Barts abstract images of human reflections captured in water at the beach moves the story with haunting and stunning beauty. The film was funded by ArtsWestchester.

Enslaved Africans Rain Garden